Graphic Design


Hello, I’m Matt and I’m a graphic design student. I love comic books, as you can see from my Ramona Flowers doll. She’s from Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley. I will be talking here about my course and talking about the assignments I’ll be working on.

I’m in my second semester of my first year. I’m looking forward to the new semester. Now that we’ve got a lot of the basics out of the way hopefully the work will get more interesting and we can have some fun.

What drew me to Graphic design? Well I’ve always loved art, I’ve always loved to draw. I had previously explored other avenues in the art world and I just kept hitting brick walls. I’d been to college before and even though I enjoyed the courses I’d taken, they just didn’t lead to employment. After that I bummed around for awhile doing a few part time jobs, none of which payed well enough for me to support myself. I’ve found that in this day and age it’s very difficult to find a job that not only pays well, but you enjoy doing. That’s why I’m in Graphic design, it’s an artistic field and I feel I’ll have more job opportunities that will hopefully lead to gainful and meaningful employment. And I really hope that people just like my work.


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