We have this class called Illustration design and our teacher has been showing us work from different artists. She’s also asked us to post links for any artists that we like, so I thought I would do just that.

This is a link for one of my favorite Manga artists. His name is Kiyohiko Azuma and this is a link for his website.  Unfortunately it’s in Japanese, so you may have trouble reading it.

He’s a wonderful artist, who’s best known for his Manga Azumanga Daioh. Which is a funny slice of life comic about a group of Japanese school girls following them from their first day of highschool to their graduation. He’s also well known for his Manga Yotsuba&! Which is a funny, adorable slice of life comic about the day to day life of a little girl named Yotsuba. Do a google search for his name or either of those series and you’ll find lots of his wonderful art. Azumanga Daioh was also adapted as an Anime series.

One of my other favorite artists is a guy named Frank Cho, who’s best known for drawing busty, scantily clad girls. But I believe the guy is a truly talented illustrator and you’ll sometimes get glimpses of that in his comic Liberty Meadows. If you can get past the busty girls and look at some his other art, like his drawings of dinosaurs or Tarzan, you’ll find some incredible art. I’d recommend doing a search for his art as well. Here’s the link to his website:

Another artist I want to share that I love is this Japanese guy who goes by the name Shinkiro. He’s done artwork for a lot of video games. He used to work for a company called SNK until they went bankrupt. He now works for a company called Capcom. Perhaps appropriately enough at one point SNK and Capcom did a number of crossover fighting games. I found this great blog giving a retrospective of his career.

So these are some of the  people I find inspiration from. I hope you enjoy the links.


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