Social Change and Design

Over the past few weeks in our course we’ve been talking about design and how design impacts and influences people. How can we use design to enact social change. Well this is a great topic for me to discuss, because I’m a Toastmaster and recently I gave a speech related to social change. Part of what I was talking about was rape and they way we view rape as a society. In doing my research I was deeply disturbed in the way that lawyers and the media will argue that  “it was the victims fault, they were asking for it.” As I believe we as human beings try to rationalize things and that’s the only way to rationalize rape. I believe that these kind of view points on this issue need to change and there have been some great ads addressing this issue that have been showing up across the country. These ads were put together by the Sexual Assault Center of Edmonton who then joined forces with other community organizations across the country. I believe these ads really do have an impact and I’d like to share some of them.6a00d8341c51c053ef0134897634e9970c DontBeThatGuy2 passed_out


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