Sustainable Web Design


1. What responsibility do you think a graphic design has in relation to the issues raised in the article?

There are so many things to consider when talking about creating sustainable, leaner websites as were discussed in this article. As we have developed all this technology that has come about within the last 30 or 40 years we so rarely consider or think about any ramifications it may have. We are using up a lot of energy when using all this technology and as our energy consumption ever increases one does have to wonder where it’s all coming from and if we’ll be able to keep up. We’ve become so reliant on technology what would happen if all of a sudden there was no more energy, unlikely as it may seem, but interesting to think about. I believe as Graphic Designers we should be focusing more on leaner website designs, not just because it would use less energy but because people are moving away from accessing the internet through a PC or laptop and more towards using mobile devices. I know that I’ve had problems getting websites to load on my mobile device because they’re to bloated. And those bigger sites use up more data, which is more costly to the user. Which is why I think designers should be making leaner websites that are more compatible with mobile devices.    


2. How do you think the concerns raised in the article might change or shape your future careers?


We have to consider these things as designers and keep up with the trends as the changes in technology constantly reshape and redefine our job. We really have no way of knowing what the technology will be like in five or ten years. Perhaps things will radically change by then. Maybe we won’t even be using smartphones anymore. Maybe we’ll all be using virtual reality devices. Just look at how much technology has changed and evolved in just the past twenty years. Computers sure are different now from when I was a kid. It means that we as designers always have new design work that we have to do for this ever changing technology.


3.What was the most important point made in the article? Explain why you feel it is important.


I feel the most important point they made was talking about how websites have so much content on them that isn’t really necessary to do what they need to do. So why are so many websites cluttered with so much junk? Not only is a page that’s too cluttered unappealing to look at, it’s also confusing to navigate.   I think leaner websites really are the way to go.


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