Persuasive commercials?

Do people find commercials persuasive? Does advertising really work? It must be right? Well, at least on everyone else, but not me right? Because you’re never the one wasting money on all this stupid stuff, it’s everyone else right?

Generally I don’t find commercials all that persuasive. I’ll rarely see a commercial and think “I have to go buy that”. Usually if I have a reaction to a commercial I’ll think “God that was stupid” or “This commercial is so annoying.” I’m trying to think of specific examples and I can’t think of anything right now. Although I will sometimes be persuaded by commercials for restaurants if the food looks appetizing. If the food looks good I’ll probably think something like “that looks good, I want to try it.” The other form of advertising I might find persuasive is movie trailers. Sometimes I’ll see a movie trailer and think “I want to see that.” But it’s usually something I would have already been interested in. Although I do think commercials can be a great form of entertainment as they can be weird and they seem to live in their own little world. I think Doug Walker does a good job of explaining this in his Nostalgia Critic videos that are all about old commercials. Check these out if you want to watch some funny commercials with funny commentary.

What about you? do you find commercials persuasive at all?


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