Public Speaking

This week in our communications class we were talking about public speaking. We looked at a few different public speakers, such as presidents, and examined their strengths and weakness. We also talked a bit about our own thoughts and experiences with public speaking.

Now I know many people have a fear of public speaking. But I personally enjoy it. Sure, I sometimes get nervous. But it also gives me a rush and a sense of empowerment. It’s one of the few things that I do in my life where I receive praise and respect. It’s also one of the few things in my life where I feel like I’m better at it than other people. But public speaking takes a lot of practice. I’ve been doing it once a week every week for four years. And while I may be a great public speaker, I’m still not a great communicator. I constantly stumble with interpersonal communication, and I’m much more afraid of approaching someone and starting a conversation, then speaking in front of a big crowd. Strange. When talking in front of an audience I’m all alone up there. But when I have to talk to another person I have problems. Maybe it’s because they talk back and it’s harder to keep a conversation flowing than it is to recite a speech. 


One thought on “Public Speaking

  1. justinbrennan19

    I admire the fact that public speaking come so easy to you, as it is something that i have always had problems with. I feel that it is a very important skill to have as a graphic designer and with some practice i hope to become as confident with my public speaking as you are.


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