Interpersonal communication

Well, last time I had to talk about public speaking and this time I have to talk about interpersonal communication. I mentioned last time that I’m very confident when it comes to public speaking, but when it comes to interpersonal communication I’m not so strong. Which is something that makes me very frustrated and disappointed. I feel Interpersonal communication is much more important than public speaking because it makes up so much more of our communication. How often do you even half to speak in front of an audience. I do it all the time because I’m a Toastmaster, other people may have to do it often for school or their job. But most people probably won’t have to worry about public speaking all too often. Interpersonal communication on the other hand we do all the time, and it’s important to be a strong interpersonal communicator, otherwise you may not be able to ace a job interview, make friends or find dates, among other things. Some people may even suffer from anxiety issues and can’t even do the simplest of things. I feel that If your a strong interpersonal communicator your life will be so much richer than someone who’s not. 


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