Looking at a Second Year Students Work

Within the Graphic Design program I’m taking there are three years, and I’m currently in my first year. Well in the past week the second and third year students had their end of the year show, at the school here, to show off all their hard work. I talked with a second year student, named Abbie, about her work as there was something about her work that really drew my eye.

I asked Abbie about her creative process and she told me:

“I find I draw blanks on paper. To get the best ideas normally I have to be physically doing something or just be somewhere comfortable distracted by something unrelated (video games, pinterest, watching cartoons). In the bath funnily enough is when I’ve had some really random enlightenments to designs that were giving me trouble. But once I’ve researched the topic and have a firm understanding of it, I’ll just have it in the back of my mind and think about solutions when I’m doing mindless tasks, and sadly; when I’m trying to sleep.”

That’s pretty interesting since I have a similar creative process, I need to be doing something else and I’ll get things stuck in my mind.

Since I really like Abbie’s style I also asked her what she thinks about her style. And well, she told me:

” As for my work style. I don’t think I have a specific style for my design work. I’m more of a chameleon in the way that I’ll work with styles suiting to the specific design.

Though when I’m designing things in my spare time/for myself, there is probably a ‘Retro’/’vintage’ influence on my work. And I’ve always tried to work in humor, the darker and more sarcastic the better. (Though sadly clients are never keen on this option)” 

I think that’s interesting since I think a lot of artists have their own style that sets them apart, but they don’t always realize that they have a style.

And finally I got some great insight into a particular piece that Abbie drew.

“We, as you probably know, had to design a poster that featured our own illustration work, and had to have a fact reflecting a charities cause. I get a lot of opportunity in real life to design for serious causes. So if I get a chance to throw some humor in there, I will seize it. I managed to find while researching a charity called ‘Humanity+’ which stands for, and this isn’t a direct quote obviously, “pimping out the human body with technological enhancements”. I’m sure what Humanity+ does is a serious cause, But I couldn’t help but giggle at the idea. To which I remember then thinking to myself ‘Abbie, you won’t be giggling when it’s a war induced apocalypse and those humanity+ guys have radiation proof skin, and you’re burning up in the mushroom cloud’. And bam. That image appeared, pretty much exactly in my mind, as it did on paper. The layout and content were tweaked and edited a bunch. But the main concept was created pretty much immediately thanks to sarcasm; Which was running high in this project, since I’m normally not someone that enjoys drawing by hand.”

Often when looking at a piece of art we can only guess what the artist was thinking when they created this piece. Except in this case I got to talk to the artist and hear what they had to say about their work. Pretty cool.


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