My Ideal Job

Presumably we go to school so we can get a good education, which will lead to us getting a good job. What is my ideal job? where do I want to be in five years? Well seeing as how I’m currently a graphic design student you would assume that my ideal job would be working as a graphic designer and that’s where I’ll be in five years, right?

Well, maybe. Once I finish the course I’m currently taking I think I’d like to do some traveling. I know that when I finish this course I have the options to pursue further studies in Ireland or Australia and I think that would be pretty cool. I’ve also thought about taking a business course. why? well our school offers a program to business students. You can spend six months living and working in Walt Disney World. Now I find that really interesting because if you do that you may be able to get a job working on one of their cruise ships, or you could apply to work as an ambassador at their Epcot center.

As for my ideal job. Well the things I really have a passion for are public speaking and acting. My ideal job, would be to be a successful actor. I really do love it and there are so many parts I’d love to play in theater like, Ash in the Evil Dead musical, a character in Avenue Q or Sir Percy Blakney in The Scarlet Pimpernel. And parts I’d love to play in television and film like, Batman or perhaps a character on Agents of shield. Really I’m up for almost anything. Oh the characters I could be, the people I could meet, the places I could go, if I could find some success as an actor.


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