My Favourite three Typography Blogs

Today I’m taking a look at some Typography blogs I would like to share. As a Graphic Design student, Typography is a big part of the course and understanding how to design with type is such an important skill for a graphic designer to have.

The first blog I would like to share is called Typography Served:

First, I like the colours used in the design of this site. The black and yellow is really eye popping and grabs my attention. The site is laid out like a gallery, similar to something like Deviant Art. You can quickly see thumbnails for all of these designs people have shared. You can then click on a design to see a bigger version and read a post by the designers talking about the piece. Let me share one design I found on this site I really like.

Type design 1

I like that the design reminds me of a video game. They also put a bunch of pop cultural icons in this little city. See if you can spot Batman, Winnie the Pooh, Ryu from Street Fighter, Mario, Darth Vader, and Waldo of the Where’s Waldo books.
The second blog I would like to share is called Ministry of Type:

What I like about this blog is there seems to be all kinds of cool design related things the writer will share especially things related to type, typography, lettering and calligraphy. The writer also tags his posts with different category’s such as advertising, type & typography, pictures found online, and lettering making the blog fairly easy to search to find things that may peak your interest. If I may share something cool I saw on this blog.


Look at the cars in the lower left picture. It looks like a lower case b. I like it because it reminded me of an assignment we did for photography last year where we had to go out and find letters among things like architecture.
The third blog I would like to share is The Font Feed:

The reason I like this blog is because they have posts talking about fonts they recommend, they also talk about type tips and have tutorials, which is great for anyone learning typography. And they also give all kinds of examples of fonts that are in use. For example the fonts used in the main title designs of certain tv shows as they talk about in this post:
Well, I hope these blogs get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully there’s something that catches your interest or there’s something that you find useful. Remember there’s a whole world of creative people out there and we can all inspire each other.


Sale la primavera, salimos todos by Jose Alvarez Carratala and Alberto J. Saorin

Flying Cars photos from by Gerry Judah


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