Why Does Typography Matter?


Ever since beginning this Graphic Design course I’ve often thought why is Typography so important. What’s the big deal? It’s a major part of this course. There are typography classes every semester. There’s something like hundreds of thousands of different kinds of type. Why are there so many? As long as the type is legible why bother coming up with so many different variations? I mean most people probably don’t even recognize all of the subtle differences in different kinds of type. I know it’s something I never thought about before taking this course. I came to realize that I had to look at it from an artist and designers point of view. I found this article that really helped me try and think about typography in a different way.


Well, the first thing to consider is many of these different kinds of type exist as logos and branding for all kinds of companies as many companies want a type that’s unique to them. The use of that special type can be as strong of an indicator for that brand as colour or imagery.

Another interesting thing this article talked about was comparing typography to fashion. We don’t really need all of these different styles so long as we have clothes that function, but people like to express themselves or look a certain way. Typography can be thought of in the same way.

Another interesting point this article made was the psychological effect. Just because people don’t notice the differences in all these different kinds of type doesn’t mean they aren’t reacting to it or being affected by it in different ways. Similar to how people can watch a movie and not notice things like the way the film was shot or edited yet can still be affected by these things.

There’s all kinds of other great articles out there about why typography is so important and there’s been different kinds of scientific research that’s gone into studying typography. I believe it’s something that people are going to become more aware of and start realizing some of these things. I hope this has helped you think more about why typography matters.

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It was created by Jessica Herodes


One thought on “Why Does Typography Matter?

  1. reghodge01

    Great post! The article is very interesting I like the way they talked about typography being like the fashion industry and that new typefaces aren’t just created to improve functionality but just tweak their aesthetic to keep with the times like us buying new clothes to keep up with current fashion styles.


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