Logo Process

Notice: This was a school project. I am in no way associated with Henkaa, I was not hired by Henkaa, I do not work for Henkaa. This was entirely for the purpose of learning.

The objective of the project was to redesign a logo that will help to promote the assigned business, , and present the logo in 2 colours. The logo is also being presented on letterhead, an envelope, mailing label, and business card. The company  I was assigned is called Henkaa. They design, manufacture and sell women’s clothing specializing in making dresses that are convertible, meaning that they can change and be worn in a number of different ways. Their mission is to empower any women, of any size, in any situation to express their uniqueness through convertible fashion that changes.

After researching Henkaa and figuring out what they do and what they value I started of by doing rough sketches. This first series of sketches focused on experimenting with word marks, emblems, monograms, pictorial symbols, and abstract symbols. As well as experimenting with the corporate name, corporate ideals and corporate activity.

Scan Scan 1 Scan 2

After group critiques with my classmates I narrowed down the best concepts. People seemed to be drawn to the chameleon, which I drew because chameleon’s are known for being able to change their colour, which ties into the company valuing change and creating dresses that can change styles. People were also drawn to the abstract drawing of the dress made up of curved lines. And I also wanted to work with a monogram some more. So the next step was to do some more sketches based on those three concepts. This time I focused on experimenting with fragmentation, outline, planar, imposing shoes or lines, containment, essence, and stylized. Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6

At this stage I also started experimenting with different type faces to figure out what would work best for the word mark.

Scan 7

After another critique with my classmates and teacher it was decided that the chameleon in the round, stylized style was the best way to go. I tried drawing the chameleon in illustrator using the pen tool and pairing it with the Henkaa word mark using the Lucida Calligraphy type face.

Henkaa Logo1

However  the shape of the chameleon was lost and after another critique the consensus was the type face wasn’t working. So I went back to the drawing board, redrew the chameleon using the pencil tool and tracing over the sketch and chose a new typeface, Candara.

Henkaa Logo2

I chose Candara as a type face because of the curvy lines that make up the characters and I felt that tied into the curvy shape of the chameleon. The type face was now working and I got the shape of the chameleon back from the sketch but it was still a little to rough looking. So I drew it again and rearranged the positioning of the chameleon.


After one final critique I knew the spiral shape of the tail was still a little off as I tried drawing it with the spiral tool in illustrator and it needed to be tweaked. This final time trying to draw the shape of the spiral with the polar grid tool.


After resolving the logo it was time to apply it to my stationary.

business card Envelope Mailing Label Sample Letter

And that is how I redesigned a corporate logo. I hope this has given you some insight into the design process.


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